FREE Weekly Lessons For Your Student Leaders

Struggling to create engaging activities during distance learning? We have you covered! ENVOLVE In Session is a free weekly video series designed to help your students create phenomenal student activities.


P.S. Did we mention it's 100% free?

4 weeks. 4 lessons. 4 INCREDIBLE opportunities for school spirit.

Weekly Videos

Each week, your activities program will receive a free video designed to train your leaders to create phenomenal virtual activities appropriate for distance learning.

Practical Follow-Up

Along with each video, your leaders will receive follow-up PDFs designed to guide them through the process of activity creation and implementation.

PERFECT conversation starters for virtual leadership meetings!

Built for Community

Students need a positive school culture now more than EVER. Therefore, each weekly lesson is built to help your leaders actively respond to the changing educational landscape around them.

We will cover virtual activities, tradition replacements, and even plan in-person activities for once traditional school is back in session.

Ready to get to work?

We'll send your videos and weekly PDF's via email each week. Sign up once and you're good to go!

Let's Do This!

We know you're excited. We are too.

What exactly is ENVOLVE?

ENVOLVE is a student leadership training program designed to help activities programs create phenomenal school culture.

Want to learn more and see what schools around the country are doing to increase engagement? Check out our ENVOLVE Program page here.